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Callux Pro Dry Pedicure Kit

An organic, no water, at-home pedicure that aids in the removal of callus and hard skin. Contains urea and lactic acid for great natural removal of dead skin on the feet.


  • Urea has great exfoliating and hydrating properties
  • Sodium lactate increases the moisture content of the skin by up to 84%.
  • Allantoin has exfoliating and healing properties, preventing transdermal water loss, thus keeping the skin moisturized and soft.
  • Betaine helps the skin to retain moisture and reduces sensitivity to an external irritant

This box contains:

  • Callux Pro Softener foam 150ml -30%/18%
  • Callux Moisturising cream 100ml
  • Callux Pro Foot file
  • X5 Grits 80 & x5 150

30% foam - used on normal, hard, rough, cracked feet

18% foam - ideal for diabetics and pregnant women with sensitive feet

How to use:

Apply a handful of foam to targeted areas on you feet, leave for 5-10min, wipe away with dry cloth or towel.

Proceed to file targeted areas until rough skin is smoothed

Apply Callux cream to feet.