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BeCuritiva Dandruff Control Kit

Regular use of the Be Curitiva 3-step treatment is able to effectively control the production of dandruff with a deep cleanse and detoxifying effect. Leaving the scalp revitalized and the hair strong.

This kit contains:

  • Purifying Shampoo
  • Detoxygenating Purifying clay
  • Purifying lotion

How to use:

  1. Apply The purifying clay directly on the scalp, massage for a few minutes 
  2. Apply an small amount of the Purifying shampoo onto the scalp and massage, rinse and repeat leaving it on for 1 minute
  3. Apply the Purifying lotion all over the scalp, gently massaging the scalp. Leave on and dry 
  4. Apply the Purifying treatment once a week