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Krush Sugar Scrub

A sugar scrub sensation without the mess.

This stimulates skin activity and tackles hard dead skin cells. A unique non-messy Sugar Sensation to rub away any dirt or roughness.

Exfoliates off dead skin cells to smooth and brighten the skin. Skin is left hydrated, renewed, and soft.

Glycerin: Moisturising  

Olive leaf extract: Protects, Olive leaves contain several beneficial flavonoids. It is a wonderful oil cleanser for the skin. It works great to remove impurities and it has natural cleansing properties.

How to use: Apply scrub onto the hands or feet and massage into the skin in circular movements. Remember to include the cuticle area to help soften and exfoliate. Scrub over the skin covering all surface area for 2-5 minutes, remove with a hot compress or rinse with water and dry with a towel.